RCD Double Pole, Type AC 63A 30MA

By British General CUR6330
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Item Number CUR6330
Product Specs Circuit protection 63A RCD type AC
Rating 63A
Rated Sensitivity 30mA
Breaking Capacity 6kA
Rated Voltage 230/400V a.c. 50Hz
Poles 2 (1+N)
Trip Electro/magnetic release
IP Rating IP20
Terminal Capacity 35mm²
Installation Mounted on 35mm DIN rail
Standards IEC 61008-1

About This Product

• Positive contact status indicator

• 63A rating, with 30mA sensitivity

• Resistant to current surges, unwanted tripping excluded

• Lockable dolly switch

This two module, double pole RCD provides earth fault current protection for residential and light commercial applications. Available with 63A rating, 30mA sensitivity. All BG RCDs are the common Type AC, suitable for situations where there are residual sinusoidal alternating currents. The Time Delayed RCD is used typically when two RCDs are installed in series, and the time delayed RCD enables discrimination, i.e. in the event of a fault only the ‘upstream’ RCD should trip. All RCDs have a positive contact status indicator, i.e. when green window is visible this indicates that there is a 4mm contact gap.

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